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Croatian Section of Young Psychiatrists and Psychiatry Trainees is a part of the Croatian Psychiatry Association. The Section is a non-profit and non-governmental association whose members associate on voluntary basis to achieve common goals and tasks.


The objectives of the Section are to promote activities of psychiatry residents and young psychiatrist, particularly educational activities, research and professional meetings, to perform investigations among residents, the promote better communication networks among residents and young psychiatrists, as well as to identify specific problems of residents and young psychiatrist and offer specific solutions. The main objective of this organization is the evaluation of the current residency program and the identification of main problems through investigations and publication of results, in order to raise the quality of residency training.


Activities that are planned to be performed by this organization include the organization of the symposiums of trainees and young psychiatrist at the national and international level, finding ways to promote easier exchange opportunities and scholarships, organization of workshops, investigations among residents and publication of all results which may serve for the improvement of the current educational program during residency training. Of exceptional importance to us is the further active work of this on organization the international young psychiatrist and resident associations.

In this way, Croatian residents and psychiatrist become an active part of an international network of specialist which may allow our better scientific and professional cooperation and promote our knowledge and skills.




The Croatian Section of Young Psychiatrists and Psychiatry Trainees was founded on 15th December 2005 on the founding meeting of the Croatian Section of Young Psychiatrists and Psychiatry Trainees Youth Section is a part of a mother organization, The Croatian Psychiatry Association, led by its current president, professor Ljubomir Hotujac, MD, PhD. At the founding meeting, a Board of 15 people was elected. We aimed to include representatives of all psychiatric institutions in Croatia. The main task of this Board was to form and vote for Regulations, by which, in addition of HPD Statute the legal status of the Section would be acquired. Also, the Board had develop a working plan and start to implement the goals of the organization. The current Regulations were voted for and accepted at the Board meeting on July 9th 2007.


Section was the first time presented to public at the 3rd Croatian psychiatric days in Opatija in April 2006.


Members of the Section:


  • Residents
  • Young psychiatrist (up to 7 years of specialist status or less than 40 years of age)


All members who are members of the Croatian Psychiatric Association may become members of the Croatian Section of Young Psychiatrists and Psychiatry Trainees, if they meet the above mentioned general conditions. Membership fee for the Section is settled though the Croatian Psychiatric Association membership fee.





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