Dubrovnik 2008

Meet the expert I: Professor Norman Sartorius, MD, PhD: "Where are the limits of psychiatry and what should be its core"

Meet the expert II: Professor Povl Munk – Jorgenesen, MD, PhD: “Psychiatric Research, an integrated part of daily work – how to get started”. 

 Section Transcultural psychiatry:
1. Marc Ziegenbein, Katharina Behrens, Iris Tatjana Calliess: Somatization in immigrants – evidence or eminence?

2. Ilaria Tarricone, Elena Pedrini, Michela Morri, Francesca Poggi, Graziano Pompei, Dario Manganaro, Anna Rita Atti, Domenico Berardi: Psychopathological  outcomes of immigrants cared by the Bologna transcultural psychiatric centre 

3. Katic P, Peharda T, Vidovic D. Transcultural psychiatry in Croatia

4 Schouler-Ocak M: Patients of Immigrant Origin in Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities in Germany – A Representative National Survey by the Psychiatry and Migration Working Group of the German Federal Conference of Psychiatric Hospital Directors



Section - Burn out syndrome among YPs in Europe
Beatte Schulze - Burnout - Occupational Hazard for Young Psychiatrists?
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